It's no secret: we crack passwords.

In fact, it's what we're known for around the world. We've cracked hundreds of millions of passwords to date, and we will gladly assist you with any passwords you need cracked, too.

SCG combines years of hands-on cracking experience with research and analysis of real-world leaks to form potent attack plans, empowering us to crack the most probable passwords within seconds. And to help make short work of passwords that do not fall so easily to such methods, SCG owns and operates massive computer clusters which can perform brute force attacks at a rate of tens of trillions of guesses per minute.

"These guys are the amongst the world's foremost experts in password cracking. If they can't help, no one can. No joking around, they immediately dove right in. I can't thank Stricture Consulting enough. If you need a password cracked, for personal or professional reasons, this is where you look to."

- Jeremiah Grossman, Founder & CTO of WhiteHat Security.

And the best part is, our services come with a personal touch. Instead of blindly uploading hashes and encrypted documents "to the cloud," we work with you one-on-one and handle all of your data personally and directly. We own and operate all of our clusters in our Tacoma data center, which is secured to the highest possible standards. And since we do not use any third-party cloud providers, you know exactly where your data physically resides at all times. We will never send your data outside of systems that are not physically under our control.

In addition to using our own password cracking tools, SCG also uses software from Hashcat, Openwall, Hashkill, Passware, and Elcomsoft.

Check out SCG Founder & CEO Jeremi Gosney's presentation on SCG's password cracking clusters at Passwords^12!

For Law Enforcement

SCG is proud to assist law enforcement, military, government agencies, forensics agencies, and private investigators with their password recovery needs. We place the highest priority on, and dedicate all available resources to, your time-sensitive jobs.

We can help recover:

  • Operating System Passwords
  • BIOS Passwords
  • Encryption Keys
  • Encrypted Hard Drives
  • TrueCrypt Containers
  • Password Managers
  • Web Browser Master Passwords
  • Zip, RAR, and 7zip Archives
  • Microsoft Office & PDF Documents
  • ... And pretty much anything else you can think of!

We can even develop custom software to crack encryption algorithms and file formats that existing software does not support.

For Security Consultants

Password cracking is often a necessity during penetration testing, but it's usually not one of your consultant's core competencies. While most all security consultants have a basic familiarity with the subject, they are typically far from experts. And what about hardware? Your consultant's laptop probably isn't up to the job, and building a password cracking rig can be quite expensive, and time consuming to maintain.

By outsourcing passwords you need cracked during engagements to SCG, you will save money, maximize your consultant's efficiency, and ensure you're conveying accurate risk to your customers. With same day turn-around and low fees which can be passed on directly to the customer, there's absolutely no reason to continue cracking passwords on your own.

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